Dictador universe MENU #Fine and Rare #ArtDistilled #DictadorExperience Our universe is based on 3 elements: We do not follow shortcuts we do not look at others. #Fine and Rare 2 masters One masterpiece 2 masters 2 Masters is a unique cooperation between Dictador and Master Blenders of other wine and spirits categories.

Each and every invited spirit artist received specially selected barrels of Dictador rum to let it rest and finish the maturing process.
We blur the lines We blur the lines between spirits categories And we have no The project is continuing... available in 2020 ROYAL TOKAJI
BestOf The best version,
is the only version
Dictador the best of is a limited edition rum represented by the best barrels selected from a batch of a particular year, handwritten and signed by a Master Blender. FIND MORE
Look deep under the surface Dictador Abyss is the rum that had matured in the deep of the Atlantic Ocean. FIND MORE Find your native instinct We look for inspiration in the Mexican Native American culture - Huichol, which enriches our bottles with its precious symbols. FIND MORE ArtDistiled #Art Distilled We broaden our perspective, find new ways and cooperate with other master blenders, artists and creative souls. FIND MORE DICTADOR experience #DictadorExperience 12 20 YO Colombian
Aged Rum
Colombian Gin Colombian
ultra premium